What Is The Best Way To Whiten Teeth?

What Is The Best Way To Whiten Teeth?

If you want your teeth to look brighter, you will want to know the best method to improve their appearance safely. Professional teeth whitening produces the best results quickly and is safer than over-the-counter solutions.

Why Are My Teeth Discolored?

As we age, teeth naturally begin to turn yellow. The enamel layer thins, showing more of the yellower dentin material beneath.

Staining foods and beverages like red wine, tea, and coffee can also contribute to the problem, along with certain lifestyle habits like smoking.

The Teeth Whitening Process

Professional teeth whitening is an easy process. You can have your teeth whitened in the office or at home. In the office, you will see immediate results as your teeth whiten by as much as three to seven shades in one appointment. The home solutions work more gradually but provide equally brilliant results.

Teeth whitening gels used in the office and at home contain a strong bleaching solution, usually carbamide peroxide. The peroxide penetrates the enamel and breaks up stains from within.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

In-office whitening begins with covering your gums to protect them from the gel. The dentist or hygienist then applies the whitening gel to your teeth. A whitening appointment may involve a few applications and should take about an hour.

At-Home Whitening

Your dentist will take impressions to create a custom whitening tray for you to wear at home. You will receive careful instruction on how much whitening gel to put in the trays and how long you should wear them for the best results. In a few weeks, you will have a brighter smile.

Comparing Over-The-Counter and Professional Whitening

When you compare over-the-counter and professional whitening, the winner is clear. Professional whitening provides better results in less time and with fewer risks to your oral health.

  • Safety: Professional whitening is by far the safest choice. If you buy whitening gels online, you cannot know what you're getting. The gels may be too strong, leading to extreme sensitivity and burning gums. Even whitening strips purchased at the pharmacy can cause excessive sensitivity when overused.
  • Effectiveness: You will get brighter, longer-lasting results from professional whitening. Professional whitening could last up to two or three years if you properly care for your teeth, while the effect of whitening strips from the store may only last a few months.
  • Convenience: You may feel that whitening your teeth at home is more convenient, but you will probably need to continue the treatment for some time to get equivalent results. Many patients believe it is easier to visit the dentist once every year or two and receive expert care.

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